27C3 Talk about ACTA & Co

In my opinion a very interesting and important talk about Internt Freedom:

Stealing domains ist stealing!

The Piratebay LogoIf you call someone a criminal and don't play by the rules yourself, that doesn't make your statements sound really serious. As for example the IFPI is taking much more illegal actions against others, than their "enemies" can ever do. As it is happening in Italy at the moment (just to give you one example).

P.S. In case you found the headline of this post sounding a little stupid, you probably don't know this clip yet: Anti-Piracy Ad from the IT Crowd :-P


Oops, what happened there? ;-)
RIAA-Website hacked
The RIAA-Website obviously got hacked.

Steal this film 2

The second part of the Documentation "Steal This Film" came out recently. The film deals with copyright, piracy and the meaning of sharing information and knowledge. It's really worth watching and can be downloaded via BitTorrent. Because I didn't know about the first part, I also downloaded that one. But the second one is still far better and more abstracted from actual happenings than the first one, which was really connected to the Pirate Bay raid.

So enjoy:
Steal this Film 1
Steal this Film 2

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