To spice up your daily communication, Spicebird was designed with chat and News-Feed integration. It's the Logoperfect tool as a lightweight Evolution replacement and more focused on the home user. Rather than to bring all the important business features it's made to integrate all your personal Topics in one piece of Software. It comes even with a neat start-screen to give you an overview of what's currently going on in all departments.
Anyway, I didn't want to write a long story here. Spicebird was hyped all over the web those days. So most things are probably explained. Only one thing that still iches me, is that I can't make use of the mail and the chat feature yet. Because usually all my connections (Jabber, IMAP, SMTP) work on SSL. But Spicebird seems to still have issues with SSL/TLS handling. Probably it works already with the "official" certificates. But not with CA-Cert ones, even if you import the Root-Cert yourself.
So, I hope I will have more luck with that, when the beta phase is over!

So far it looks not at all bad! ;-)

Spiecebird Screenshot

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