LOL. What a silly idea is that? Writing a LOLCat Bible! I wonder who did all that work, because quite a lot of pages are »translated« already...

Invisible Clothes Even with coloured illustrations.

Here a little sample:

[3] Now Israel whos rael naim wuz jacob liekd Joseph mor than all his othr kidz, cuz he wuz old man wehn joseph wuz bornd so he wuz like grandson wich iz mor fun: An he made him sum badass pimp cloths an some totally 1337 kickz An wud of gaev him a totally trickd out gangsta ride but carz wuznt nventd yet.
[4] An when his bros saw taht Jacob liekd Joseph mor than ne ov dem, dey hatez him An getz all pissed off An stuf An getz all up in hiz face An sed rly r00d mean ingorent thingz 2 him.

From Genesis 37

[via Techcrunch]

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