If you have a Gallery* setup running in the web (like me) and are using F-Spot to manage your Fotos (like I do), you might be interested in this Blog-Post.

This F-Spot Logo is a short HowTo how you can export pictures from F-Spot directly in one of your Gallery albums.
First you have to install the Remote-Module into your Gallery installation. Download and Install the Module by activating it in your Gallery admin-interface.
After that, you can use the exporter in F-Spot. You can reach it after selecting the Fotos you want to export and go into the File menu. Go to Export > Export to Web-Gallery. That will open a dialog to manage the export. First you have to register your Gallery installation, by clicking the Add button and adding your Gallery details. That will connect F-Spot with your Gallery. After that you can select the Available Albums from the dropdown and export your pictures to your online Gallery.

*This refers to the opensource PHP-Software for web-galleries.

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